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image editorial line is fairly simple: create and maintain a web-based point of reference for all agricultural operators. Our site provides you with easily accessible information and services related to the world of agriculture. It also helps you find addresses and E-mails, consult regulations, see how the companies of this sector present themselves over the Internet, be informed on market shares, prices and statistics. Joining Agraria means increased visibility on the Web, exactly in the specific field in which you operate. It therefore means getting all those working in your sector to consult your Site: and this leads to an increased number of contacts for new collaborations; was created two years ago: since then, a large number of Italian companies have joined our project. Our credibility over the Internet, supported by their interest in our work, was soon increased by major authoritative Italian financial daily "Il sole 24 ore" article published on 12th February 1999. Theo Multimedia, the agency that manages the whole of has therefore cultivated the right experience to be able to guide all your multimedia choices and provide highly professional services without time or money loss. Introducing yourself over the Internet not only means offering a web-based presentation brochure of your company, but also providing customers with efficient multimedia services. Since the beginning, our work has always consisted of the combination of a number of services offered plus an institutional presentation of the company. In so doing, we take the best advantage of the Web's potentials, just the way it happens in the United States. For instance, we created an easy-to-use system that allows our customers to insert texts and images directly through their personal computers so that they can edit their own bulletins, brochures, etc. This system helps our customers upload last-minute news; it is a lot cheaper than lithographic press and has no distribution or limitation problem. Data insertion needs no particular technical knowledge. In the space of a few hours you will be able to publish and have everything under control. Another successful and widely used system is the creation of search engines for data insertion on the Web so that Net-surfers can directly search in your database any kind of information you wish to publish. Guided searches, password-protected searches for you to sell your own data, free searches in order to have the highest number of contacts. In addition we offer successful tools such as fill-out forms (more efficient than common E-mail) for information requests and for on-line sales, site monitoring sa as to know who, how and when your public visit your pages, web promotion, graphics with greatest care, translations.